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June 2, 2022

New Video Tutorials

New Video Tutorials


A membership is a recurring payment on the part of the buyer, that provides access to some type of content over time.

To access membership benefits, the user must first sign up using a login email address and password (in most cases), or a username which can be a user’s name, and passcode or card to show proof of registration or purchase.  

Memberships offer value and worth for customers who purchase them, because there are many benefits associated with them, such as VIP perks and surprise elements.

Some memberships allow you to buy an item for one price but allow you multiple payments during a fixed period, such as monthly or annually (instead of paying the full price all at once), which can save money in the long run.

Many different types of membership sites can be created, but the most common type is a monthly subscription service.

The basic idea behind this type of membership is to offer exclusive content and materials to members for a set price per month.

An annual membership means you will be making one lump sum payment at registration time with no further payments required until next year when it renews automatically.

Similar benefits apply but there may be an expiration date depending on when it was purchased.

One-time purchases are great if someone would like exclusive access without making any ongoing commitments necessary.      

For someone who subscribes to your site or buys your product as a member, they have access only if they have made the payment, and you have confirmation of that payment.

This gives them full access to all features within any limitations you may have placed on it such as how often they can use certain things like videos in between other offerings from time to time, ability level limits, etc., or even just one article at a time until they decide whether or not the value of the membership is worth having.

A membership is a service that requires regular maintenance and something relatively easy to deliver on your end.

The membership provides access to some exclusive content that makes it worth the price tag.

As time goes by, you will likely have less direct contact with the person who has decided to join your community/club/group because they trust the drip content you are providing.

Your capacity for delivery increases over time as does their ability to produce without any help from anyone else even though they are getting fewer personal touches.